Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pouring the basement

The Concrete truck arrived and within half a day we had a poured concrete floor in the basement and tons of usable space and storage

After this, it's mostly been more clean up of the landscape and settling in inside, time to get more work done!

Spring activity 2011

Lots of fabulous mushrooms grow around here

a nyad emerging after it's long time underground

Milkweed and morel mushrooms

Trilliums, Rosy twisted stalk and Solomon's seal

Pizza/Bread oven

Chris became obsessed with the new Tartine cookbook and made a bread oven to try out the sourdough bread, it's been a very fruitful obsession

Siding 2011

The siding was finished in early spring, we were all cozy inside and as soon as the weather was warm enough, Chris got the staining done

Monday, April 2, 2012

The last frantic attempts at work before the baby arrives

The day before Silven was born and all work stopped

The siding party

The ladies getting ready for a hard days work

So many good friends came to help with the first stage of getting up the siding

Jim stayed and extra day and we got 2 sides done!

The shed pull gang got er' done

Juggling the sheds

First we removed the outdoor kitchen and replaced it with an old dilappitated metal shed from another part of the property

Then we removed all our tools and gack from the mouse hotel shed

and then we enlisted the help of two expensive and skilled contractors to remove the old wooden shed, thanks Jan and Karin!

more insulation

Starting the basement insulation

And working on exterior insulation with the help of Eric, Micah, Erika and Lila