Saturday, January 16, 2010


Dad helped us take down the old bunky and Rachel's dad helped us take down an old fence so we could make a wood shed for the incoming wood stove.
Chris got up on the roof with the last window of good weather and secured the chimney and stove boot.

we got our first load of firewood delivered, 3 bushcords for this winter and some of next.

Rachel, Doron, Fraser and the kids came up to help build the shed and stack the wood

The stove was delivered and certified from the amazing folks at 'Hearth and Leisure wood stoves' and we're now finally in the heat.

Simple little things like defrosting are sooooooo much easier now


the house got all wrapped up with it;s own house k-way and right before the windows arrived, we cut the holes and put on some peel and stick flashing.

this was kind of finicky and almost too cold for it to stick, the windows were super behind schedule but they finally arrived late one friday night and our neighbors helped us unload them off the truck. With Hamish's help, we got them in and Chris started the long finger-numbing work of leveling and flashing.

and now the wind only kind of whistles through!